Wawel Royal Crypts

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The Wawel Royal Cathedral in Kraków is a true national treasure of Poland. Located on the Wawel hill, it has a rich, over 900 year history. Coronation site of the Polish kings and the house of tombs of our monarchs, national poets and nobles. A unique church with the shrines of country’s saints.

Digital presentation

ND delivered  two digital presentations to the crypts of the cathedral.

The presentations introduce visitors with the biographies of the kings and members of royal families resting in the crypts. Apart from designing and developing the intuitive interface, ND also delivered all the content, basing on academic, historical works. 

Presentations operate in Polish and English.


www + ticket system


Nord Digital was in charge of providing Wawel Cathedral with an offline ticket system which supports 1.5 mln visitors a year.

We also created the cathedral webpage: katedra-wawelska.pl